Staffing Resources

A1 Staffing & Recruiting Agency Inc. offers a variety of staffing options to exceed your needs.

Temporary Staffing

Do you need people for a short-term project? Or maybe your company doesn’t want to deal with weekly payroll for long term staffing needs. A1 Staffing can help. We can provide flexible staffing and payroll service for your current needs.


Would you like to take a test drive? No, people are not cars, but at A1 Staffing we can provide the right person for the right task. We provide this service to allow, both, employees and employers to evaluate the fit before making a long-term commitment. An excellent option when length and status of a position is uncertain. A1 Staffing maintains an extensive database of pre-qualified candidates to quickly fill your short or long-term needs.

Direct Hire

Looking for permanent employees? A1 Staffing can save you the expense and time by providing talent search, resume screening, interviews, and background checks. Once a suitable candidate has been located, he or she becomes your employee.

Contract Staffing

Do you have a special project or long-term assignment? A1 Staffing can assist you with qualified candidates on a temporary or permanent basis.